Healing Session

Phone Or Zoom  (*video chat)

Here at Shine Your Light, we have a full encompassing method of approaching healing. We believe that not only can you heal but that you can then grow to heal others from your experience in healing and development of understandings that come from working with us here at Shine Your Light Wellness. We use the hierarchy of healing for the body, mind, and spirit through rehabilitation and lifestyle practice development.

Jimi Merk uses over 12 modalities including multiple energy healing modalities, crystal therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, essential oils, and much more custom selected for your individual personal needs. We start with a consultation or discussion with an intuitive reading to see all that is needed to begin your healing process. Jimi then teaches you some pranayama breathing techniques to better assist you on your healing journey. Once you are on the table then the magic begins with the hands-on healing, blockage clearing, and chakra rebalancing. After the healing itself, Jimi goes into great detail outlining all that is going on with your body, mind, and spiritual connections. He also explains where your blockages are focused and teaches you how to combat these blockages from continuing to affect you negatively. He gives you the tools and knowledge to build a healthy lifestyle practice for yourself so that you can continually grow in your own practice and also teach others to help themselves as well. we love to help people shine and we teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle practice of your

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