Psychic Intuitive Readings – Medium

Jimi Merk is an Psychic Intuitive Medium that has been helping people with his intuitive gift for over 15 years.
He can connect and tell you things specific to your lineage and to your entire being. This information comes through your guidance, spirit guides, blood lineage, and spiritual lineage connections. He can see much of what is going on with you in the body, mind, and spirit. Jimi is then able to tell you what issues are currently working against you as well as what you can do to heal through them. He can see physical issues of the body as well and will be able to help you in the healing process. Wether its terminal illness, relationship issues, professional uncertainty, or serious depression, Jimi can help you to see more of your true complete self so that you have a solid chance to change your life for the better! Shine

Jimi has been helping people with clearing haunted spaces and communicating with enter dimensional beings and ghost throughout the entirety of his life. He can communicate with these entities directly and help you to feel better about your particular situation and huanted space. Jimi has been able to resolve mysteries and figure out what is going on in almost every situation ever encountered. We are confident that we can help you. If you need help with a mysterious presence, negative energy field, or really odd things happening in your house or business contact us for a consultation. Shine

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