Public Speaking

210735_10151043161753751_40658560_o Jimi offers an array of topics to choose from for public speaking and classes. Public speaking topics that range from motivational talks and developing your intuitive abilities to instructing ancient healing modalities and giving talks on astrophysics and time space.

Jimi is studied and practiced in many areas of life, natural healing, and education which allows for the broad range and blending of particular topics.

With a background in natural healing modalities from around the world Jimi can educate and talk about many ancient healing practices. Practices that involve energy healing, pranayama breathing techniques, yoga, core practice, healthy lifestyle development, Crystal therapy, sound therapy, aroma therapy, and hypnosis. He is also heavily studied in sustainability development with a degree in industrial design from the world renowned DAAP program at the University of Cincinnati.  Jimi has taken his designing abilities into the professional markets such as high end jewelry design, sustainable housing projects, and energy saving systems. Jimi has also worked as an entrepreneur for the last 15 years developing companies and helping people build there lives and dreams. As a motivational speaker Jimi speaks about his experiences as a growing creative spiritual person on the entrepreneurial path and all that can be learned and gained. Jimi also talks about traumas in the physical plain from serious accidents resorting to being paralyzed and a near death / death experience that led to a more spiritual existence. Jimi is not only studied in many things he is a psychic intuitive and continually gives talks and galleries of psychic readings to people as well as teaches people to harness their intuitive abilities. So there are many things to choose from and if you don’t see a topic that is perfect for you or combination of topics that you need for a lecture or talk contact us with your topic. We are always happy to create a class or talk specific to your needs.

If you are interested in more information and would like to book Jimi for a class, conference, or talk contact us for a consultation.

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Four directions

We are happy to offer a native american ceremony to clients that want something special and spiritual with the earth and life cycle to be involved. Jimi is happy to perform the four and seven directions ceremony at a weddings, funerals, or any other specific family, spiritual, or cultural event. We also perform these at festivals and showcases for a unified connection with good intentions.

Jimi does blessing ceremonies in spiritual connection for individuals and groups of people that want something unique and deep for their particular gathering.

Jimi also likes to write wedding ceremonies special for your unique spiritual union day. If you would like to discuss any potential ceremonies that you see listed here or have an idea for one that you would like for Jimi to perform at your gathering please contact us for a consultation.

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