Natural Healing

Here at Shine Your Light Wellness we have a well rounded understanding of what you need as a physical biological person but we also have a deep understanding of what it is to be a spiritual field of energy connected to all creation. We use ancient practices, natural healing modalities, and intuive information to focus directly on your personal needs. We use over 12 modalities to assure the best in overall healing care. By using holistic healing techniques from around the world we can better assist people of all lineages and cultural differences. We specialize in shamanic healing and studies but are also studied in forms of modern healing techniques. Healing forms like Reiki, Barbra Brennen studies, Pressure point, Cranio- sacral therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, massage, and other forms of traditional body work.

We also use different therapies such as crystal therapy or crystal healing, sound therapy, aroma therapy,  and essential oils.  We don’t just do healing work we provide the education and the tools so that you can help yourself and others you care about when you leave our healing space. As part of the this full healing experience we teach our clients ancient healing or wellness practices as well as develop lifestyle practices for a core strong, balanced, happy, and healthy life.  We teach different forms of yoga, Qi gong, core practice, and prananyama breathing techniques. If you have any questions about natural healing please contact us and we will get back to you directly. We appreciate helping and want you to understand that there are always opportunities to heal and to be happy. We Hope to see you soon! Shine