About Jimi

jimi-merkWe are owned and operated by Jimi C Merk. He is a natural healing practitioner with an emphasis on energy healing and world shamanic studies, psychic intuitive medium, and hypnosis.

Jimi has been helping people heal for over 10 years. He finished his master healing studies on the big island of Hawaii on 2006 and opened the first Shine Your Light Wellness location in 2007. Jimi is studied in over 12 modalities of natural healing and uses all of his knowledge, practices, tools, and abilites to make sure that you are getting complete holistic and wellness care. Jimi uses multiple energy healing techniques, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, core practice, massage and sound therapy with clients. He also offers  lifestyle coaching for personal directive and professional goals.

As a psychic intuitive medium Jimi connects with your blood lineage and spiritual lineage to help understand your past in order to provide more powerful and direct guidance for your life today.  Jimi is world-renowned for his healing abilities, his teachings and intuitive work.   He travels continually sharing his knowledge with others through teaching workshops focused on topics such as astrophysics, sacred geometry, and metaphysics.   Jimi  also provides motivational lifestyle and professional inspiration seminars for corporations as well as one on one coaching for individuals.

If you have any questions about your healing needs or lifestyle goals Jimi is a great source for information specific to your most personal development. He has helped hundreds of clients succeed in making lasting lifestyle changes. The outcome you can expect from working with Jimi is mindfulness and self love- living a happier, balanced, more loving life rooted in healthy life practices. Live your best life now. Call to schedule a consulation.

Jimi would love to help you Shine!